Acquire an unprecedented ability to respond with the AED Emergency System - safe, simple, fast.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people in Germany are found unconscious and need resuscitation.

Precious time is often wasted. The time needed for the rescue team to arrive represents a The legaly stipulated rescue time in Germany amounts to 10-15 min (time between receiving the emergency call and the arrival of the rescue team on site) represents a treatment gap. In as little as 5 min. the brain of the person affected can be damaged irreversibly.treatment gap for the people affected.

The AED-Emergencymanagement

Activate your mobile responder network during your emergency call

Whether it's in companiess, communitys or your neighbourhood - in emergencies there is one common goal: to provide optimal resuscitation to the unconscious person as quickly as possible.

Mobile responder enter the network via their smartphine and, in case of an emerency, receive the necessary information to repond.

"AED-Emergency System" app

Once they have arrived, they simply stick the AED (automated external defibrilator)

Guides thruogh the reanimation process
Isues voice commands
Monitors the heart function
Provides treatment in case of "sudden cardiac arrest"
AED (defibrilator)
electrodes to the chest of the unconscious person and can provide support - without medical expertise but nevertheless highly efficient.